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Basking in Self-Kindness

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"What Does SELF-KINDNESS Mean To You?"  Do You Find YOURSELF STRUGGLING To Answer This Question?

Having Barriers To Self-Kindness Will Sabotage Your Relationship to You!

Questions to ASK when your SELF-KINDNESS has come to a SCREECHING HALT.

Have the NEEDS of my partner, my children, my family or my work become SO IMPORTANT that I have FORGOTTEN or DOWNPLAYED what it is that I TRULY DESIRE my life to be?

Am I only allowing myself to engage with SELF-KINDNESS CONDITIONALLY? You know like "I’ll do this when the conditions are right to take care of me."

And am I making getting through the DAY MORE important than TAKING CARE OF ME?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions then you could really BENEFIT from my FREE 3 Part Video Series on How to FIND YOURSELF AGAIN." Please sign up below to start having a life that works for you!

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The Self-Kindness Experiment

The Self-Kindness Experiment helps you discover who you truly are in the world.

The First Step to the Self-Kindness Experiment is tackling the voice of Self-Doubt and Unworthiness that plays over and over again in your head.

Then the Self-Kindness Experiment helps you discover that the person you've been thinking you are is not a real person, and is not truly you.

Our goal in the Self-Kindness Experiment is to help you create a sustainable Self-Kindness practice that is LIFE CHANGING.

We do this by:

  • Establishing clear boundaries for yourself
  • Finding out who you are NOT
  • Cultivating your TRUE VOICE for who you are

My Mission Is to guide as many people as I can to DISCOVER what Self-Kindness means to them so that they can start to become FREE.

Becoming Free means embracing this simple truth...

My Value, My Beauty, and My Brilliance are no longer UNDENIABLE!

Facilitating Self-Kindness: 

How I Do What I Do

I am blessed with the ability to read energy.

In a session, I will scan your body and energy field for any congestion.

Congestion shows itself to me as energy blocks in the physical plain, the energetic plain, or the mental/emotional plain. And without getting too technical these plains contain unique anatomy.

Knowing the consciousness of this anatomy helps me to unravel your energy at a deep level.

From there, I will guide you through a process where you can bring up the consciousness of that congestion so that it can be resolved in a way that is honoring and respectful.

And if this congestion was is in the form of a physical ailment, oftentimes that ailment will start to heal quite rapidly.

Self-Kindness: What I Know To Be True!

In my daily practice I actively witness and acknowledge a client's pain to help provide the permission and allowance required to start the healing journey.

I am continually shown that healing does not occur until someone witnesses your pain, acknowledges it, and permits it to be there without judgment.

Unfortunately, most of what we learn reflects to us that pushing down the uncomfortable feelings is the best way to deal with life.

Acknowledging another human being where they are without a point of view is Kindness on a Grand Scale. I find that this kind of Kindness helps to ignite the ability to be kind to oneself.

The Self-Kindness Experiment Tools

The tools I use to initiate your healing journey are Reiki, BodyTalk, Numerology, Flower Essences Therapy, and Access Consciousness.

These are skills that I continually hone for myself and the clients I have the privilege to work with. Taking me on a 20+ year journey that never ceases to amaze me.

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What Does a Self-Kindness Session Look Like?

The Sessions I facilitate are an hour long.

And since I can read energy, I can run sessions over the phone, in person, and distance.

When I am facilitating a distance session I will ask you to provide a photo of yourself or the person or pet you would like me to work on.

Then I record a summary of your session and email it to you.

Self-Kindness Facilitator-Kris Freeman

Ready to Schedule a One-On-One Session?

An Invitation To Move Forward In Self-Kindness...

I get it, YOU still may be unsure. 

So Let Me Ask YOU, Are You Interested In FINALLY CHANGING THAT Stuff that doesn't work? 

You Know, the Stuff that Keeps Showing Up in Your Life that you claim you don't want but keeps recycling in your experience anyways, "YES" that Stuff.

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